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How to travel south coast of Iceland!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It was a busy full day of adventuring the South of the country and getting soaked by the waterfalls.

Where we had gone:

  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

  • Seljalandsfoss Falls

  • Skógafoss Falls

  • Eyjafjallajökull volcano

We started our day on a 2 hr drive to the South Coast of Iceland from Reykjavik. Our first stop was the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. We watched from a distance because they don't let anyone go up to the mountains to the volcano. This volcano is amazing and different because it is completely covered by an ice cap. The Eyjafjallajökull is the smallest ice cap of Iceland. This volcano erupts every few hundred years (the last time was 2010). It is worth taking a drive to view this volcano here in the south of Iceland.

What I wore this day:

For size reference I am 5'3' and wear a size XS & S

30 minutes later, we stopped at the coolest beach ever! The Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

This was the first time ever seeing a black sand beach. It was amazing. This black sand beach is created out of gradual erosion of lava, which is why the beach is a black/dark color.

We then entered the coolest cave at the beach. We were adventuring inside and taking cool cave pictures. Another great place to take photos!

Miss my girlies!

After the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, we went to take a break and go to the middle no where, that was just farmland.

My girl gang and I hung out and had lunch. After lunch we went to what our tour guide David said

"the most Instagram worthy place" that was called the Skool Beans Cafe. This place was amazing! It is a cute coffee cafe that is made out of an American yellow school bus. When you are in the South of Iceland stop by and visit and get yourself a coffee. Oh and pics for the Instagram stories!

Even inside it is so cool and unique.

Eventually, we headed out to the Eljalandsfoss Falls, that were absolutely gorgeous.

As you can see here it is another great place for pictures!

This waterfall is known to be the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. It's known to be one of the tallest waterfalls here in Iceland at 60 meters high!

The most beautiful romantic engagement had occurred right in front of my girl gang and I. This couple got engaged and it was romantic and beautiful to watch. She had no idea!

We went to the hidden cave. I had to walk through and we found this huge rock and gorgeous mini waterfall. I got so soaked by this waterfall, but it was worth it! Don't miss this waterfall. Always walk towards your right and you will eventually see the cave with the waterfall inside.

Our last stop of this long day was at the Skógafoss Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall and hike to take if you have enough time.

This crazy waterfall where I got so wet with mist, is 60 meters tall (197 ft) and is known to have gold and treasures behind the waterfall.

At the end of this long day, my girl gang and I headed back to our hotel to rest. We then went out to the best Sushi/Seafood restaurant called Gaia in Reykjavik. In Iceland they are known for the Seafood. It is a must to check it out. My friend Gracie and I both got a sushi roll and we really enjoyed it!

It was a very long day of fun and adventuring the South Coast! I will say it is worth to rent a car and take the drive to the South Coast of Iceland :)

Keep an eye out for part 4 of my Iceland travel content!


Gaby Raouf

Link to the Company I traveled with: FTC: I get a small commission if you purchase from the links posted above, at no extra cost for you!


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