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The Ultimate Roadtrip Guide Across NorCal

Where to visit and go in Northern California. Guides and tips from a NorCal SF Bay Area native. While I take you y'all on my journey road tripping for two weeks up north!

My roadtrip started taking my uncles sprinter van and traveling for two weeks. I suggest to rent a RV or sprinter van because it makes the road trip fun and comfortable.

Where To Adventure?

1. Pine Mountain Lake

The first stop was Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, California near Yosemite National Park. I suggest to rent a house in Pine Mountain Lake and then drive about 40 minutes to Yosemite. Pine Mountain Lake is a really nice place with a beauitful lake. Residents here are nice whick make the visit extra fun. It's a great place for a family.

What to do in Pine Mountain Lake?

  • Go to the lake and visit the marina

  • Golf

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Play tennis and pickle ball

  • Swim at the pool

  • Rent a boat

A great place to grab dinner or lunch is the Grill where all the locals and vistors go to eat!

2. Lodi, CA

After Lodi we headed to Lodi, California which is a great place to visit, especially if your like wine tasting. This town is great for young people to enjoy the country feel, hangout and shop downtown Lodi. You can also head to the local wineries.

A great winery and family place is the Wilson Winery. Throughout the months they will do fun events, so definitely go check out their website to see what is happening!

3. Auburn, CA

The next stop is my favorite, which is Placer County, which is a awsome place to visit. My grandparents have a vacation home. This county has many fun things for just about anyone at any age! You can find fun camping sights, lakes, hiking trails and much more.

A town you have to visit is Auburn, California

It's the cutest town ever, it has a cute downtown called Old Town Auburn where you can find and shop many local cute businesses.

Where to visit:


4. Rollins Lake In Colfax, CA

A great place to visit is Rollins Lake in Colfax, California. Great to take your boat or paddle board.

Rollins Lake is my favorite lake. I have been coming to this lake since I was a baby. I definitely recommend renting a boat when visiting Rollins lake. Rollins Lake has a camp ground which is a great place to stay while road tripping.

5. Bear River

This river is the most peaceful river. I like to just come to this river and just sit on the rocks and just watch the water flow. I definitely recommend coming to this river while your on your way to the Sierras.

6. Grass Valley

Grass Valley is one of my favorite towns in Placer County. It's a cute town with local shops and resturants. It has the coolest movie theater called the Dell Oro Theater.

Where to visit:


Don't forget to take a cute picture for the instagram in front of the famous Grass Valley mural!

7. Nevada City

This town is small, cute and gives off Hocus Pocus good whitchy vibes. It's a hipster town with cute local shops to shop at.

Where to visit:

Hope you y'all adventure off into NorCal and experience the stunning scenery!


Gaby Raouf


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