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The Top Best Value Wellness Retreat In NorCal

I had the best time celebrating my early birthday at Canyon Ranch in Woodside, CA. It is definitely worth the hype as to it being the most value retreat in NorCal.

Canyon Ranch Resort Review

The most value wellness retreat

When I was booking a retreat I wanted to stay somewhere where I was going to get a luxury experience by the service, wellness classes and workout/yoga classes.

About Canyon Ranch

canyon ranch

Canyon Ranch is a integrated health and wellness spa that was founded in Tucson, Arizona. They offer a variety wellness activities for their guests in anything active, meditative and healing arts.

They have locations currently in the following places:

  • Lenox, Massachusetts

  • Tucson, Arizona

  • Woodside, California

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

My time at Canyon Ranch

The most value wellness retreat

My Time At Canyon Ranch Woodside

I had an amazing time on this retreat. I came home feeling better than ever. While I was there we did fun classes in mala bead bracelet making, meditation, pilates, hiking and yoga. These classes were great and all of the instructors were very helpful and very nice . They made sure we were having the best wellness experience at Canyon Ranch.

Wellness retreat outfit

What I Wore?

While at this retreat I wanted to stay comfy, but wore athleisure because we were doing a lot of activities.

Activities at Canyon Ranch

The Activities

We started our day with the labyrinth walk. We walked along through the path shown here in the picture.

A labyrinth walk is a walking meditation experience that lets you walk the path in silence and enjoy the meditative movement of walking each corner of the path. I found it really relaxing and great way to clear your mind.

We took a fun class making Mala bead bracelets that was also a meditative experience. When putting each bead on we had to say a positive mantra about ourselves.

Mala beads are healing wooden gemstone beads that offer happiness to your mind and body.

Fitness at Canyon Ranch

Later in the day Canyon Ranch had set us up with a Pilates, stretch and meditation class which was amazing. They really spoiled us with the variety types of classes.

The food

The meals were amazing they were all homemade organic, gluten free and vegan.

Wellness experience at Canyon Ranch

Wellness Experience

At my stay I went to the spa. I had spent time relaxing on the massage chair meditating and relaxed in the steam room and sauna. It felt so good and rejuvenating. At Canyon Ranch they have luxury wellness spa services in wellness coaching, massage, facials and private personal training with expert professionals.

The Service

The staff at Canyon Ranch were so welcoming and helpful, they provided us luxury service. They were very nice and did anything to make sure we were having the best stay at the resort.

Canyon Ranch Resort rooms

The Rooms

The rooms were amazing! They had a balcony that overlooked the woods. Every morning I would sit outside and drink my Gorgie Energy drink and enjoy the sunlight from my room. I have to say it was the best room I have ever stayed at.

Overall Review On Canyon Ranch

I will be coming back to Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort. It was so relaxing and stress relieving that it is definitely worth the investment in yourself and your well being.

Go book yourself at this beautiful wellness resort.

You deserve it!


Gaby Raouf


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