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Solo Traveling

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Start to solo travel! It really is not that scary

Solo Traveling

I recently a few months ago I traveled to Iceland, from San Francisco I hopped on an 11-hour flight to Reykjavik all by myself. However, the secret is that I was not fully alone. I met up with my travel group here in Iceland where we went all over the country and traveled all together.

Meeting new people

I got to meet the best amazing people on this trip. There were people all over the US and Canada and I had the best time.

EF Ultimate Break Travel

I traveled with EF Ultimate break and that was the best experience. EF is an amazing program for young people ages 18-35 to experience traveling on their own. I have never traveled with a travel agency like EF before and the service and travel experience was great.

How Ef works?

I love how EF packages work, it includes all your activities/excursions with the group.

On EF Ultimate Break Trips you are assigned to a tour guide that is included in your trip package. These tour guides are amazing because they are from the country you visiting and they speak the language and know where to go in that place of origin.

The breakdown/pricing on all Ef Ultimate Break Trips:

What you get:

  • Round-trip flights & airport transfers

  • 4 nights in handpicked accommodations

  • 5 breakfasts

  • 3 dinners

  • Expert Tour Director

  • 24/7 support

  • Excursion tours with groups

All tours start around $2,000 and go up depending on what trip you choose. It seems expensive but for what you get it is totally worth the money you put down. EF also does pay-later and monthly payment plans to make it easier for you y'all!

Traveling Iceland and more with EF

I enjoyed my trip to Iceland so much! I met amazing people and created the best memories. I challenge y'all to travel alone and experience going out of your comfort zones and experiencing what this world offers!

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Gaby Raouf


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