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The Go-To Best Self-Care Wellness Product on the market

Introducing G & L Aromatherapy™ and how this cute crystal aromatherapy rollerball is a hit in the self-care market and within every night and morning routine.

Why use aromatherapy?

I struggle with stress and anxiety in my life, so I'm always looking at products and ways to help manage my anxiety and stress. Since I was a kid, I have been into aromatherapy and essential oils, so I use G & L Aromatherapy, my small business. I use all our products, but for my anxiety, I love using rollerballs because I can apply them multiple times a day and bring them on the go with me. I don't have a favorite, but I like our "I Am Peace" rollerball because I like anything: rose aroma/rose quartz, and the benefits fit my needs. The rollerballs are crystal-infused with essential oils, and they work when inhaled; the scent molecules in crucial oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and significantly impact the amygdala, the brain's emotional center.

At G & L Aromatherapy, we have multiple types of products that range from crystal-infused Rollerballs, Room Sprays, Water Bottles, Smudge Kits, and more. Furthermore, each of our rollerballs is by affirmations based on their benefits and to make the buyer feel inspired and happy.


The go-to Best Self Care Wellness Product on the market

How Has Aromatherapy Helped With My Mental Health and Wellness?

I struggle with self-confidence and stress, so breathing in that scent takes my mind off the frustration and anxiety that I'm experiencing. I love how, with aromatherapy, depending on the brand, the essentials are pure and all-natural, and you know you're putting good natural ingredients into your body that will give you natural relief from what you are experiencing mentally. I not only use aromatherapy to help with my mental health, but I add it to meditation, yoga, journaling, therapy/talking to a friend and or a family member. Not only does aromatherapy help with mental health, but it also helps with your overall wellness.

At G & L Aromatherapy, products help with respiratory issues, immune boosting support, focus, sleep, and more. I use all of our products to help with making sure I'm getting anxiety relief and overall wellness support.


The go-to Best Self Care Wellness Product on the market

I wanted to address that G & L Aromatherapy products have proven to help me. So, just because this is my business and I'm representing on behalf of G & L Aromatherapy, my opinion is 100% honest with all the products and company.

the best aromatherapy on the market

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Gaby Raouf


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