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10 Must-Have Fashion Pieces to Add to Your College Wardrobe in the New Year Fashion 10 Faves For College.

I'm so excited about my new wardrobe of things I recently bought for the new year and will wear to college this spring semester. A disclaimer: For all links, I earn a commission; however, this is at no extra cost for y'all.

Fashion Faves For College.

1. Aerie Lounge Set ( purple)

Aerie Lounge Pants

Aerie Lounge Pull Over
Purple Lounge Set

I love this cutie set so much, and this color is so unique.


2. Pink Soft Zip Jacket

Aerie Pink Zip Jacket
Pink Zip Jacket

This is the cutest and softest jacket ever and perfect to chill and do homework in.


3. Lululemon Shorts

Lululemon Active Shorts
Lululemon Shorts 2.5

I love chilling and going out in these Lululemon shorts, and perfect for the weather when walking to class at ASU.


4. Aerie Biker Shorts

Aerie Biker Shorts
Aerie Biker Shorts

These shorts are so great to pair with a cute shirt and tank.

10 fashion-faves-for-the-new-year-at-college

5. Pink Amazon Shirt & Short Set

Pink Amazon Set
Pink Short Lounge Set

Click To View

I love how cute it looks and gives off a nice, comfortable look.

10 fashion-faves-for-the-new-year-at-college

6. Black Amazon Active Black Jumpsuit

Black active Jumpsuit
Black Jumpsuit

So cute and easy to wear every day.

7. Amazon Active Skirt

White active skirt
White Preppy Skirt

It pairs well with every shirt and makes the outfit look cute.


8. White Nike Platform Air Forces

Nike Platform Air Forces
Platform Air Forces

I love wearing these Air Forces and am obsessed with how they make me look tall since I'm short.


9. Active Top

Amazon Active Top
Pink Active Top

I love wearing this Lululemon dupe version active top.


10. Amazon Sweater

Amazon Sweater
Grey Everyday Sweater

I love this sweater, and at least wear it a couple of times a week with leggings and jeans.


I hope y'all enjoy these new cute outfit ideas for college.


Gaby Raouf


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