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College Dorm Room Essentials You Need!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


All things cute essentials for college freshman

Dorm room shopping

I am starting my first year of college at Arizona State University in the Fall. I will be sharing everything I bought and essentials you need as a Freshman in college. This guide is created by me and former college students!

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Bed Essentials:

1. Pink Velvet Twin Headboard

A must have because you want a cute headboard to match with the aesthetic of the room.

2. XL Twin Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are the best because they make your bed extra comfy

3. Bed Skirt

This is a must to hide all your things under your bed.

4. Bed Shelf

A great thing to have where you can store many things like your phone or water bottle.

5. Bed Sheets

Amazon has this great set of bedsheets because they are made out of really good cotton at a affordable price.

6. Bed Comforter

dorm bedroom essentials

You can never say no to Target comforters, they are the best! I have a furry one back at home and I love it.

7. Blankets/Throw blankets

I recently got this bright pink throw blanket at Walmart to go with the pink theme of my room. However, it is on the more pricey side. I love my Barefoot Dreams blanket!

8. Side Table/caddy

Another alternative if you want something smaller next to your bed to store your essentials.

9. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are always a must have on your bed to add that extra fun bed decor in your dorm. I bought regular 18x18 set of two on amazon and then I bought covers to put the pillows in to make it more fun.

Dorm Furniture

1. Night Stand

dorm furniture

A night stand is a must have to store all your things near your bed.

2. Ottoman

Ottomans are great for your dorm room because it could be used as extra storage. A place for you and your friends to sit.

3. Futon

This is the cutest futon that can fit in any dorm. It is great for you and friends!

4. Storage Cubes

These storage bags are great to store under your bed. You can store your stuff so that you can save a lot of room in your dorm.

5. Full length mirror

This is a must have because I personally cannot walk out the door without looking at my outfit.

5. Storage Rolling Cart

This is a great way to store extra things.

6. Chairs

A great way to lounge in or for friends to sit in while visiting.

7. Lamp

Lamps are the best!, especially if you want more light in your dorm. This particular lamp has a charging cord station which is amazing.

Dorm Closet Essentials

1. Closet hangers

These hangers are the best because you can hang multiple clothes on them to have space and very affordable.

2. Shoe Organizer

Great way to store all your shoes at in your dorm and it can hang on the door.

3. Laundry Rolling Basket

This is great because you don't need to carry all your laundry.

5. Closet Storgers

These are nice for the dorm closet because it's a way of storing extra things at.

Dorm Decor

1. Photo Fair lights

A fun way to hang up your memories while getting a pretty light background.

2. Fun Picture Prints

I love anything pink and country! and so I found these cute prints that would match up well with the theme of my dorm room.

3. Succulent Plants

These are very cute to have in your dorm to add some spice to your room.

4. Custom Wall Light

This wall light is so cool, I got it customized with my name on it!

5. Daily Motivational

I love these daily motivational flip cards. I look forward daily looking at my motivation of the day.

4. Extension Cord

Not really a decor but a must have for your dorm because you need power cords to charge all your electronics and more.

Desk Essentials

1. Office supply set

Great to have in hand while doing homework and need these extra supplies.

2. Papper Organizer

This is great to store and organizer for all your papers from your classes.

3. Pen Organizer

This is great because then you have a place to keep your pens and necessities in one organized place.

4. Desk Lamp

This is great to have for extra lighting when you are at your desk studying late at night. This particular lamp is great because it has many different light mode settings.

Bath Essentials

1. Make up vanity

This is a huge must have because lighting and a good mirror is needed for everyday make up and skin care.

2. Make Up organizer

This is great because you have a place to store all your make up at in one spot without it getting all messed up and un organized.

3. Shower Caddy

At my University we don't have shared bathrooms, but this is still great because you can store all your products in there and bring them into the shower.

4. Shower Shoes

These are a must for most people in college.

5. Towels

Both face and full towels are a must have that everyone will need.

Kitchen Essentials

1. Dish ware & Cups

Great to have on hand if you plan on cooking or for emergency.

2. Dish Drying Mat

College dorm essentials you need

A must cause you will need a place to dry all your dishes and cups and you can easily put it on top of your fridge.

4. Containers

College dorm essentials you need

This great to bring on the go and store your snacks in, cause all you have to do is store them in the container so you don't have to keep on buying the bags and you save the environment.

5. Coffee Cups

As someone who is a coffee lover this is a must! I love these clear glass/plastic ones cause they don't spill.

Fun Essentials

1. Stanley Cup

college stuff

Stanley cups are the ultimate best!, and a must to have around in your dorm room.

2. JBL Speaker

For anyone that loves music this is a must have, especially to play music in your dorm in the mornings while getting ready.

3. Apple MacBook Computer

college tech essentials

This is a must for all college students! You even get a huge discount as a college student with Apple.

Read Below:

Save on Mac or IPad with education pricing. Plus get a gift card up to $150, 20% off AppleCare+ and more. In addition, this discount applies to your parents! I was able to buy a new Macbook Pro and receive $150 off and used it to buy my Ipad pro. I also received another gift card that covered my apple pencil and more.

4. Ipad

apple for college

Many college students love this because you can take notes and it is a helpful way to study for exams.

6. AirPods

AirPods are the best for college students because you can walk to class while listening to music and while your studying for an exam.

5. Essential oil Diffuser & Rollerballs

A essential oil diffuser is a must since you cannot have candles in your room. It is nice to have a good smell in your room. Essential oils are all natural and great to use during the day and all night.

dorm must haves

Essential oil Rollerballs are great to use on the go to help with any stress, pick me up, allergies, sleep and anxiety during the day at school and night. This brand is my aromatherapy brand so please go support my amazing business!

dorm room essentials

Hope you y'all found this guide helpful!

Wishing y'all a great freshman year in college. Remember we are in it together and we got this!

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Gaby Raouf


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