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About Me

Gaby Raouf

Content Creator & Entrepreneur

       Hey, y'all! Welcome to my blog. I started my fashion blog in high school as a hobby to showcase my love for fashion and lifestyle in hopes of inspiring others.

In the summer of 2022, I decided to take my blogging career seriously and turn it into a content creation brand. Growing up, I always had a passion for anything creative. I was inspired to become a fashion blogger by other fashion creators on instagram, which made me want to pursue this goal after finding their content so inspiring and fun to watch. 


   This blog is about fashion with some travel and college lifestyle content. Additionally, growing up, I was a timid and insecure girl. However, I broke out of that, and now I have built a successful business and platform, which I encourage other girls to do through my platform because no one cares what you do!

More personally, I was born and raised in a small suburban town outside of San Francisco, California. I participated in 13 years of dance and all-star cheer throughout elementary and high school. 

 After high school, I moved out of Cali and started college in Arizona. I now live and attend Arizona State University, majoring in Digital Marketing with a minor in fashion. I hope to be a full-time business owner while still creating content. At ASU, I'm a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority.

I'm super proud of myself for pursuing my dreams, and you can succeed too!

-  Xoxo Gaby Raouf 

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